The 360 Review

When your business grows and develops, the tasks you need to manage invariably become more complex and diverse.  Day-to-day, it can be difficult to see what's going on.  

Equally it can be lonely at the top as there is often no one to bounce your ideas off and receive unbiased and relevant feedback.

At The Business of Drinks, we help the owners of independent breweries, vineyards and distilleries to meet these challenges head on by providing advice and expertise that uncovers their blind spots and speeds up their decision making process.

When it comes to making a drinks business work, we've found there is no 'silver bullet' or quick fix approach.  Unlike other advisors, we don't believe in simply writing a report, handing it over and then letting you get on with it.  We've come to realise from years of working with small businesses that regular, shorter interventions deliver far more sustainable and positive results.

We are there for the longterm.

This insight has led us to design The 360 Review, a tailored advice and coaching programme created especially for the owners and senior management of independent drinks businesses.


The 360 Review provides you with just that – someone who can look at your business from the outside and in the round, an advisor who works with you on the key aspects of your business, where required.

We are experts in “The Business of Drinks”, whether it is talking about your  sales and distribution, online marketing or raising finance, your dedicated advisor will either be able to deal with the query or be able to link you up to a Business of Drinks associate with the relevant skills.

We work on the key aspects that govern the growth and viability of your business, assisting you in developing the processes and systems that will allow you to manage and grow your business efficiently and effectively.


  • Sales & Distribution development
  • Develop your sales process
  • Build your sales team
  • Sales management tools and systems advice
  • Setting and measuring targets

Marketing & Brand

  • Strategy development
  • Brand development
  • Events Strategy
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing 
  • Marketing delivery advice

Leadership, HR & Finance

  • Business planning for growth
  • Team building
  • Finance & Funding advice
  • Improving efficiencies
  • Rationalising costs



  • It’s an annual low cost contract (paid in monthly installments) designed specifically to meet your needs
  • Starts with a face-to-face meeting to discuss the business
  • Thereafter face-to-face meetings are held monthly
  • In between each meeting support is provided by email/telephone/Skype as required
  • Agenda for each meeting is agreed in consultation with your advisor on a month-by-month basis
  • You get access to a wider pool of expertise via our other specialist “Business of Drinks” associates
  • Access to Business of Drinks extensive library of Leadership and Development tools and collateral:
    • Marketing Plans
    • Brand Development programme
    • Cash Flow Templates
    • Business/Finance Plans
    • Action Plans
    • Activity Scorecards
    • and many more.


"We've worked closely with Susanne from The Business Of Drinks for a number of months now.  Her experience and guidance have been invaluable to help us through a significant and challenging period of growth."
Peter Hills, Hackney Brewery, London

"During the last year working with The Business of Drinks has seen us go from small hobby brewers to a growing, recognised brand in the South East and increasingly across the country, particularly in Manchester. It’s been hard work, made a lot easier by having a coach/mentor to talk us through those difficult decisions".
Robin Wright, Director, Pig & Porter Brewing Co, Kent
Read our Pig & Porter case study

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