Have we reached 'peak craft beer' in London?

Running Time: 26 mins 38 secs

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In the past decade, we’ve seen an explosion in the brewing industry in London, with much of that growth coming from breweries who describe themselves as craft, artisan or progressive.   However, is this rapid growth sustainable for the longer term?  There are many voices in the industry who are saying we’re reaching a state of ‘peak craft beer’ where there’s not much room left for newcomers and many of the smaller independents could potentially find it harder going, especially in a post-Brexit era.

In this podcast, we explore the current state of play in the independent London brewing sector and try to forecast where the challenges and opportunities will arise for these brewers in the near to longer term. 

Our podcast panel speakers include: 

Csaba Babak, author of Beer Means Business W: beermeansbusiness.com, T:@beermeansbiz
David Martin, Associate Advisor, The Business of Drinks
Sofia De Crescentiis, Head of Sales & Business Development, The Redchurch Brewery T:@redchurchbrewer and @beerbaronLondon
Susanne Currid (host), Associate Advisor, The Business of Drinks T: @businessofdrink and @susanne_currid