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David Martin


  • Mentoring and supporting management, developing team dynamics and structures
  • Entrepreneurial activities
  • Growing business value
  • Business & Account Management


Providing an objective, unbiased and sometimes uncomfortable (if required!) 3rd party view of the issues facing a business and then working with the managers/owners to resolve those issues and grow the business value.


Currently coaching a growing number of brewery and vineyard owners/management teams in the South East to develop and grow their businesses;

o   Business planning and growth

Craft Ale Brewery – has doubled their turnover in the last 12 months & is on target to double turnover again.

o   Management team dynamics

Brewery – Assisted in managing the departure of a senior Director under awkward circumstances

o   Marketing, distribution & sales planning

Brewery/Vineyard – Advising on new distribution systems and developing retail support system.

Vineyard – Working to reposition the brand.

o   Funding

Brewery – Currently working with clients to apply for funding from a variety of sources – grants, loans & crowd funding.


  • 20 years with Philips Electronics ending up as a Divisional Director
  • 8 years in start ups.
  • 5 years running consulting companies
  • 6 years providing support to SME’s in the South East