Is your Brewery Sales Report doing the job it's meant to do?

Sales, sales and yet more sales……….PLEASE

A simple innocuous request a month ago to a client of ours got me thinking!

I had simply asked that at our next monthly meeting if they could give me a “Sales report” for the previous month. I did not think any more about it.

When we came to that point in the meeting the following month, the report was produced!!

Lo & behold I was presented with a list of all the beers that they had sold the previous month, a long list of different beers, in cask, keg, can etc.

To them, sales simply meant the beer that they sold. To me it meant the outlet –Pub, Bar, retail etc.

I believe this is a crucial tipping point for a brewery, when sales becomes about the outlets buying the beer and not simply about the beer! Yes, the beer is critical, but it is becoming more of a me too in our competitive market place and the deciding factor is SALES.


However, unfortunately there is no Silver Bullet in sales.

Sales has to be about metrics. The truth is no one has enough sales people. You are always working with too few and therefore you have to direct the talent in the best way.

You need to use your systems to give you the metrics that are essential to develop the business. Without these metrics, we continuously say, it’s a bit like driving without a dashboard in your car!

Standard Sales Planning

At a minimum you need to do the metrics for the normal monthly business growth.

Your accounting/Sales system should provide you with information such as:

  • The numbers of orders per distribution channel per month

  • The frequency of orders

  • The average order size

  • Average price per litre

  • Region sales turnover

  • Etc etc etc

From this you can see where you are weak, where growth is happening. It enables you to plan.

To illustrate, here are a few examples showing how metrics can guide your Sales targets.

  • You have an average value per order of £250. You want to increase sales by £5,000/month in that channel so you’ll need to win 20 more orders.

  • Each brewery orders around 3 or 4 casks/kegs, so you’ve got to shift 60-80 per month - van takes 25 – that means 3-4 more van loads?

 Equally you need to take advantage of upcoming events. This means planning well in advance.

For example, Christmas looms for us all. But where are you with your Sales planning for the festive season?

If you were in the toy industry you would place your orders for Christmas 2018 in 2017. Big retailers planned for Christmas, prior to last Christmas.

But how many breweries have already sorted out or planned the Christmas range, offers and activities. Is it just more of the same? Have you looked at what happened last year and can it be improved?

Sales is not rocket science.

  • It is doing the analysis to actually see what is happening

  • To then plan an activity

  • To measure its effectiveness

  • Tweak it as needs be

Keep doing the things that work & stop doing the things that do not.

At the Business of Drinks,

  • We don’t do Silver Bullets!

  • We don’t do complex plans

  • We help you analyse and create simple, step by step plans to increase your business.

  • We help you put together the systems and processes you need to get that all important Sales data

For a ‘no-obligation’ chat about your brewery Sales Reporting approach, why not get in touch to arrange a suitable time to talk.