How to supercharge your next Beer Collaboration

It often seems that Brew Collaborations are dreamed up over a few great beers and driven by a warm, feeling good, enthusiasm, usually during or at the end of a Beer festival.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we brewed together, we could create a . . . . . .

Brew Collaborations are in many ways, one of the great things in an industry where “theoretical competitors” talk  and brew special beers together and help each other out. It’s what makes the craft beer scene such a great vibrant friendly space to be in.

But with a little further thought, there is the potential to generate significantly more value for both of the breweries and your beer brands.

We've identified four core reasons to do Brew Collaborations beyond the “wouldn’t it be great if we . . . . .”

1.   Learn more about brewing

a)   Learn how to create a new beer style you’re interested in adding to your range through a brewing collaboration

b)   Gen up on new brewing techniques or try out brew kit you’re thinking of investing in through your collaboration

c)    Use the collaboration to find a more creative use for ingredients you’ve been stockpiling or have found difficult to use.

2.   Build your brand/social media profile

a)   Extend your social media reach by collaborating with a brewer who is also active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

b)   Create an opportunity to radiate in the light of a more successful brewer!

c)    Raise awareness of a good cause with a collaborative beer that echoes the brand values of both breweries and gives you exposure with that cause's audience.

3.   Develop your brewery's image in particular areas

a)   Create more value from a trip to another city or country by fitting in a collaborative brew day with another brewer

b)   Introduce your beer brand to a new town or country audience through your collaboration

c)    Lend credibility to promising up-and-coming brewers as part of your community building strategy

4.   Develop your distribution

a)   Cross promote to your brewery collaborator’s customers and vice versa

b)   Partner up to create a promotional collaborative beer to support an event or exhibition you’re both participating in, helping you get lead billing during the event’s marketing campaign

c)    Introduce your brand to a new type of customer through your collaboration

But it does not end there!

How often do we see the collaboration simply sold to the same distribution, with only marginal graphic changes, little change in the social media structure etc.

Make the most out of a collaboration by considering these final thoughts.

  • 1+1 should not equal 2, but should as a minimum be 4!
  • Collaborations should be packaged differently! How can you change the packaging to best effect?
  • The key elements of the collaboration should be clearly explained and highlighted.
  • Social media your collaboration journey/highlights across all your profiles
  • Consider limiting them to channels/distributors/partners that give you support!
  • Or use them to open new distribution
  • You should have asked yourself the question “How can I use this collaboration to enhance the Company, The Brand, our sales”
  • Price them up!

It is a great opportunity created by the spirit of camaraderie in the craft industry - it should be used effectively, whatever your end objectives.

For more advice on developing a Collaboration strategy for your brewery, please get in touch with us for an initial no-obligation chat about your plans.