Developing A Winning Management Team For Your Brewery

What does a successful management team look like and how do you build one within your brewery?

In an increasingly crowded category, a great brand and fantastic liquid will only take your business so far. When it comes to scaling your brewery into a great business, it is typically your people that make the real difference.  The team you build around you needs to complement your strengths as a leader and close any skill-gaps creating a true platform for growth.

Given the nature and pace of start-ups and SMEs it is often 'all hands to the pump' in the early days.  At this time the organisation is built on everyone trying their hand at everything from brewing to sales to marketing and finance. Multi-tasking and getting stuff done are key and will sustain you for a period as your business experiences some growth and success.

If you took a moment to get in a helicopter and hover over your business you would probably benefit from a number of insights that would set you on the path to sustainable success. This seminar will help you to do this by answering a few key questions:

What can I learn from others?
There is a lot to learn from many organisations out there (the good, the bad & the ugly) – especially what they have done to shape and organise themselves to be effective for the future – not just to achieve necessary efficiencies but to be seen to be well organised, appropriately structured and as having some key capabilities. After all, perception is reality.

How can I harness our energy & passion?
Most businesses create a set of core values – the beliefs & behaviours that set them apart from others and define how they want to treat each other, suppliers, partners and customers.

What leadership qualities do we need? 
A Google search on “Leadership Skills” throws up a staggering 714,000,000 results. No wonder people are a bit confused about leadership & management skills! Given that this could be a bit confusing, there are probably 5-6 skills that would make all the difference to your business - today and for the future.

Recruiting others – art or science?
Again there is a lot of received wisdom out there. Learn the two key principles that should ensure success for your business.

Join us at 2pm on Tuesday 7th March at the Institute of Brewing & Distilling in London to hear more from organisational effectiveness expert Chris Mace (Principal Consultant, The Cesium Group) with insights and recommendations on what larger organisations do to develop a winning management team.

Chris will share his insights on:

1.    What you can learn from larger businesses about engaging people

2.    Harnessing your energy & passion into a set of unique values

3.    Aligning your people around a clear vision & plan

4.    Clarifying the leadership qualities that will ensure your success

5.    Recruiting similarly minded people for your business

Register now to secure your place as ticket numbers are limited.

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