​How to spread the word online about your drinks brand

Whether you’re a brewer, a wine maker or a purveyor of fine pop, the one thing you also need to be these days is digital.   Beyond your website, online channels provide you with an increasing number of ways to get right in line of sight of your new or existing customers.

To follow are some of the important and up-and-coming ways to get some extra profile online.

Google Search

If you want to find out anything about a brand, band or product these days, the first place to look is Google.  To stand out, make sure you’ve fully optimised the SEO tags on your website and your Google+ Business account, so all your details are available and up-to-date, from opening hours, through to latest photos and contact details.  Social Media accounts also rank highly in search engines and give you added exposure in search. Another tip is to set up a Wikipedia page (if you haven’t already done so) which will give your business added visibility and credibility in the listing results.

Social Media

Everyone who’s anyone should be on Facebook and Twitter these days.  But did you know that Instagram is now one of the fastest growing social media platforms and a hive of activity when it comes to food and drink.  If you’re not there already, get your account setup tout suite and start using popular hashtags in your drinks category that will help get you noticed.  E.g. #craftbeer and all its variations along with your #location name.  The Periscope app on Twitter is also giving Twitter users the opportunity to send out a live broadcast video at the touch of a digital button.  This is one option that could quickly give you some added social media buzz whilst the technology is still taking off.  Use it to promote your tasting events or education sessions for example.


Okay, I imagine some of you will think that email marketing is now ‘old hat’. But I think it’s worth countering that belief with the facts in hand.  Email marketing is still an incredibly effective way of keeping your fans close and has the highest conversion rates when it comes to getting people to sign up for events and special offers. 

PR & Blogs

Online articles, reviews and blogs also help get the word out about your liquid virtues.   Get to know your industry journalists and bloggers.  Make sure to invite them to tastings and events and ply them with thoughtfully packaged freebies to ensure more digital column inches.   Entering competitions and awards also gives you a story to promote via social media.  If you get ranked you have a great story that is ripe to go viral across your wider network of friends and business partners as many will want to congratulate your win.  Look out as well for opportunities to guest blog on your Distributors/Wholesalers website/blog as an added way to get the news of your latest products to the On Trade.

Mobile Apps

Apps continue to gain appeal with drinks fans and help get the good news out about your bottled delights.  Get connected with CAMRA to improve your listing on their CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide app or if you’re in the wine business get your vineyard setup on Vivino, one of the world’s most popular wine apps.

Crowd Funding

The latest way to raise funds for your business is not just a financial opportunity, it’s also a fantastic way to market the virtues of your brand. It also makes a great story that you can promote across social media, email and across the digital buzzsphere.

To explore how you can further diversify and strengthen your drinks business digital marketing, get in touch with Susanne Currid at Susanne.currid@businessofdrinks.co.uk for a no-obligation chat.